Who Are We?


Great question…the eternal question, right?  Well, I’ll give this a whirl…  We are a new floral design company based in San Diego, California.  We specialize in dreaming up awesome designs, keeping current trends in mind and wow-ing your guests.  We can do it all, we’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all.  Our owners, Brittany and Alex, have had years of experience and have a stellar reputation within the weddings and special events industry.



We have a gorgeous inventory.

We execute amazing weddings

We are very in touch with current trends

We only take 1 wedding in a day

We are not a wedding factory, we pour our heart into every single event we touch.  We’re more than just a floral design team, we can answer lots of questions for you!


You now know who we are and why we are rad. We want your wedding, or special event, to be totally about you. Your color palate, your theme, your day dream! If you want some direction in the design area we are your team! We are here to help you find your floral groove and make sure you are smiling and loving everything! Flowers and décor are, in my very biased opinion, the BEST part of the event design process. So let’s create something amazing together, your happiness is our priority.


We are Parker and Posies. Design House.